God has prepared us!

I know the last thing you need right now is another opinion, so I'll spare you my views on the current state of our society. Instead, I want to share what I have observed in the last few days in my own household. The things that I am grateful God has prepared me for.

God has used my three teenage daughters to prepare me for a lot of things that life can throw my way. For instance, I have been living in a toilet paper shortage since my oldest daughter became potty trained. I feel like if there were a contest in my town on who could last the longest without it, I would be in the top ten. I improvise well and the post office is still delivering junk mail.

Social distancing is easy when you want to talk about Jesus. If you want people to stay at least six feet away from you, be that guy or gal in the office that listens to Christian music and wants to talk about Jesus. Be careful though, that works well until people are filled with fear and anxiety like we are experiencing now. Then they will probably invade your space to hear why you seem so calm while the world seems to be on fire. Use that to witness.

My wife and I invested in board games when the girls were little and have moved them along from house to house. I am glad we did because we have actually dug them out and started playing them. Sure we are experiencing a little too much togetherness at times but every once in a while I will find myself just observing the moment and I am filled with joy.

This is a great time to be in the situation we are in. I know that technology has made fear and anxiety spread faster than it ever has before. But, that same technology has made it possible to easily communicate with loved ones through a phone call, text, or video call. You can send in your order for groceries and someone will deliver it right to your door. We can stay connected even remotely.

Now there is no substitute for in-person gathering and in-person encouragement, but let us use this time as a time that God is preparing us. Take the rest. Eat dinner together. Sit on the porch. Walk around the block. Think of it as a special Lenton season that will make you that much more grateful for all the things that you (like me) probably took for granted.

I love and miss my church family deeply. We will meet again soon in-person.

-Pastor Fall

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